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Bus Hire

Bus hire and transport services since 1949 Safety, punctuality, comfort, 24/7 availability.

Why Choose Zanconato

Our objective is maximum client satisfaction, and we pay great attention to the provision of vehicles at the times and according to the criteria agreed with our users. In the event of an emergency, we operate a 24-hour system at our headquarters which ensures prompt intervention to resolve any potential issues which may arise.
We also provide assistance to other operators, because we employ highly qualified staff, specialised in vehicle transport.

ISO 9001:2008

The drivers responsible for transport are all holders of valid driving licences and certified for Professional Competence (CQC). All drivers adhere to the Code of Conduct adopted by the company, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification, which the company holds. Drivers are in constant contact with headquarters and the Technical Director. Our widespread network of offices throughout the province and beyond guarantees a high quality service which meets clients’ requirements. More reasons to choose Zanconato for your journeys:

  • A reliable, well-trained and professional operations team
  • Punctuality and safety
  • 24/7 availability for clients
  • A fleet of new vehicles of various sizes, up to 87-seaters
  • Regular vehicle checks and constant maintenance
  • Assistance network throughout Italy and abroad
  • And… a pleasant way to travel in maximum comfort, in spacious new buses with comfortable reclining seats, air conditioning, toilets, television, DVD, radio and CD player, coffee machine, minibar, microphone and wi-fi.

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    Over 60 Years of Transport Services

    Zanconato operates transport services both public

    and private, in Italy and abroad.



    The Vehicles

    Our vehicle pool has expanded and diversified to include buses ranging from 9 to 87 seaters. Buses are newly registered and equipped with every convenience. Our fleet of buses consists of various types of coach, for hire with driver, regular bus routes and school transport. All vehicles are Setra or Mercedes and clients’ safety is guaranteed by regular vehicle checks, in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. All buses and coaches undergo regular maintenance at our premises or at authorised garages, and are subject to revision and testing in compliance with legal standards. This is why our buses give perfect efficiency in terms of function and comfort. Some of our vehicles are also equipped with GPS systems.